Frequently asked questions about Nobelbee:

What should I use Nobelbee for?

Nobelbee is a unique application that helps you congratulate your friends and family from all over the world. Closed borders, business trips, quarantine will no longer challenge wishing a Happy Birthday. Give money, chip in to make dreams come true, or choose a gift in any online store and send the necessary amount to buy it.

How do I find my friends in Nobelbee?

When registering, Nobelbee requests access to contacts. You need to confirm the request, and all your contacts will be seen in the “Friends” list. If you can't find a specific friend, send him an invitation under Friends> Invite Friends via any popular communication channel, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and many others!

How to send a gift to a friend?

This and following months, your friends’ birthdays will be seen in the “Birthdays” section, and on your friend’s birthday, Nobelbee will remind you of this with a push notification. You can congratulate your friend by clicking on the “Congratulate” button or by selecting him in the section “Friends.” You will have three options for congratulating your friend:

  1. You can send a money gift: just add your payment card, and you can wish your friend a Happy Birthday. They will instantly receive money on their bank card, and you will receive a notification that they received a gift.
  2. Chipping in is easy to congratulate friends if you are not very close but still want to show attention. Perhaps you know about their dream, and by chipping in with a small amount of money (50 UAH), you can get your friend closer to purchasing their dream present!
  3. You may already know what you want to give. Just find this gift in any online store, add a link to it in the Nobelbee app, specify a price and write a greeting. Your friend will receive money on their bank card and order a gift themselves or find another way to use this money.

The maximum gift amount is 5,000 UAH. It is a comfortable amount that does not limit you in choosing the way to congratulate your friends and acquaintances.

When will my friend receive the gift?

Your friend will receive your money gift on their bank card. You can track the status of the present in the “Sent gifts” section.

How to add a bank card and what to do if a friend has not added his own yet?

The application will ask you to add your bank card details during the gift sending process, and you can also do it later in your profile.

Has your friend already added a bank card? Great, then they will instantly receive a gift! If the card has not been added, we will notify them that you have sent a gift and ask them to add a card. When your friend adds a bank card, your gift will instantly be on their card. If your friend does not add his bank card within 24 hours, the money will automatically return to the card you used when sending the gift.

Is Nobelbee safe?

Nobelbee uses the online transaction platform Fondy. Other users will not see your debit/credit card details. Likewise, you will not be able to view your friends’ card information. Fondy allows our team to see only the last 4 digits of your card and the name of the issuing bank. This data is mandatory for any online transaction.

The transaction failed. How to solve the problem?

To solve a similar situation:

  1. First, contact your bank and find out the reason for the error or the cancellation of the transaction.
  2. You can always contact our Customer Service, and we will check the status of your transaction and help resolve the issue.

“My Children” field – what is it?

In this field, you can add your child's name and date of birth. Your family and friends will receive a reminder and can congratulate your little one by choosing one of the ways to send a gift in the Nobelbee App!